Six months after state lawmakers hastily approved Illinois’ 2022 budget, a hidden discretionary fund has been identified giving Gov. J.B. Pritzker total control over $2 billion in federal COVID-19 aid.

More than six months after Springfield lawmakers hurriedly passed Illinois’ $42 billion annual budget in the dead of night, a Chicago Tribune analysis has uncovered a secret slush fund giving Gov. J.B. Pritzker the authority to spend $2 billion in federal aid without approval from the General Assembly.

State lawmakers who were given mere hours to review the 4,000-page Democratic spending proposal before the vote June 1 said the majority failed to mention the hidden provision. The budget debates were deliberately limited in the House and Senate by again delivering the massive document at the last minute, a practice perfected by former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Members of the Republican minority have demanded greater transparency and input in how the coronavirus relief dollars are spent. A lead GOP budget negotiator, state Rep. Tom Demmer, called the move “a shell game” and is pushing for legislative approval before Pritzker spends the money.

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