Frerichs Continues to Fail Voters by Ignoring Debate Request

Dixon, Ill. – Today, Illinois State Treasurer Candidate and State Representative Tom Demmer called on his opponent to provide Illinois voters with an answer to whether or not he plans to participate in any public debates.

In a letter sent from Demmer to Frerichs dated September 7, Demmer requested that Frerichs join him in multiple public debates, writing, “I firmly believe that the remaining 62 days should be about the Illinois voters, and ensuring they are given ample opportunity to hear directly from candidates regarding their vision for our state and the office they are seeking. To that end, I am asking that you join me in participating in three impartial, public and robust debates.”

To ensure the timely planning of dates, locations, and moderators for the proposed debates, Demmer requested a response by 5 pm on September 12. Unfortunately, Frerichs has yet to respond or commit to taking part in any public debates before the November 8th election.

Frerichs’ disregard for providing voters with the chance to see the candidates debate underscores a pattern of the incumbent circumventing voters and disregarding pertinent questions as he campaigns for their support. For instance, in 2020, after Frerichs made comments in support of a retirement tax, he abruptly canceled his own press conference to avoid answering direct questions on his statement.

“It is disheartening that my opponent won’t commit to an open and thoughtful debate about the issues facing our state,” Demmer said. Our campaign is about standing up for taxpayers and fighting to keep more money in their pocket. I am hopeful Mike Frerichs will realize the voters deserve nothing less than full transparency from each of us on our plans for the Treasurer’s Office if elected.”

Demmer’s letter also included a proposal for the debate’s format and rules from the non-partisan University of Delaware’s Center For Political Communications. In closing, Demmer wrote to his opponent, “It is my hope this race will focus on the issues relevant to the duties of the office and maintain the civility and honor the people of Illinois deserve.”

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